Solar Loans

You don’t have to make a large, out of pocket payment to go solar. We offer several types of solar loans that can help make solar fit into your budget.

We offer several types of solar loans — including several variants of terms loans and bridge loans — if you want to own your system. Alternatively, you can lease your system and have the right to use all the energy it produces.

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Solar Term Loans

Just like with a mortgage or a car loan, you can choose to finance your system and pay off the loan in fixed payments over a certain number of years. Unlike those other loans, however, with a solar loan you can use the savings from your energy bill to offset the cost of the loan payment.

This type of solar financing is great for people who want to minimize the out-of-pocket cost of going solar, but who still want the long-term economic benefit of owning your solar system.

Financing your solar system with a monthly loan payment might be right for you if:

  • You want to own your system
  • You’d like no up-front cost
  • You want to see immediate savings
  • You want the predictability of a fixed monthly payment that will not increase over time (unlike inflating utility costs)
  • You want the flexibility to pay off your loan with no penalty

Once your loan is paid off, you’ll essentially get free energy for the remaining life of your system.

Certasun offers solar loans through both SunPower, our equipment supplier, and EnerBank.


From sizing the system, loan application to installation it was a seamless process. I just had to apply for the permit and let them do the work. I am happy with the installation; it looks nice on the house. I am impressed with the performance of the system, producing enough power that there is more than plenty to sell back.


Solar Bridge Loans

As its name implies, a bridge loan is a shorter-term financing solution. It’s meant to bridge the gap between installation and when you receive your solar incentives. A solar bridge loan enables you to “buy time” so that you don’t need to pay for the whole system up front. Once you receive your incentives – typically within 12 or 18 months – you pay off the loan in its entirety and you’ll own the system outright.

Since solar incentives can account for 60% or more of the cost of the system, this type of loan allows customers to go solar with considerably less up-front investment.

Certasun Solar Installation

“ Certasun was also very helpful and detailed with the financing and IL rebate process which all came through as expected. Highly recommend!”


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Solar Leases

With a solar lease, you agree to a fixed monthly payment for the right to use the solar system (and the energy it produces) for a period of time — usually 20 years.

A third party — in our case, SunPower — will own your system and collect all the incentives available for the system.

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