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Is Solar a Good Investment?

We looked at how an investment in home solar panels in Illinois might compare to an investment in the stock market. In short, we found that an investment in solar is likely to return significantly more than one in the stock market. A homeowner choosing to “go solar” ends up with $17,000 more after 20 years than one who invests in stocks.

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Filing for the Federal Solar Tax Credit

Section 25D of the Internal Revenue Code allows taxpayers who install solar electric systems on their homes to take a credit on their taxes equal to 30% of the cost of systems they install, through 2019. The value of the federal incentives for home solar will decrease after 2019.  Taxpayers acting now get the largest benefit.

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Illinois SRECs: How They Work

In December 2016, Illinois passed a law requiring its utilities to source 25% of their energy from renewable sources by 2025. To achieve this goal, the Illinois’s largest utilities will make incentive payments to homeowners who invest in solar. These incentives are in addition to a 30% federal tax credit for homeowners who install solar.

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