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Solar Batteries

Solar batteries can provide backup power during grid outages.

A solar battery storage system allows you to power your home when the grid isn’t available. Unlike a generator, battery storage is quiet and fast. It can also operate indefinitely without connection to the outside world.

SunVault Battery Storage Home at Night

Add Backup to Your Solar System

Many people are surprised to learn that most solar systems don’t require batteries. Under normal circumstances, the grid provides whatever energy your solar system doesn’t provide in the moment and also accepts any excess production over your instantaneous needs (net metering allows you to get financial credit for these exports). Adding battery storage to your solar system allows it to provide backup power during grid outages.


Certasun engineered and installed a full solar plus battery system for my Chicago home. Everything, from my interaction with sales reps to commissioning the system, was top notch…The final system exceeded my expectations for performance and visual elegance.


Sunvault Battery Storage

Certasun exclusively installs SunPower’s SunVault energy storage system. SunVault integrates seamlessly with your SunPower Equinox solar system. It also involves less hardware than competing solutions.

We can install a storage system together with your solar system or we can add it to solar we’ve previously installed.

The engineering, permitting, and installation of a battery storage system is necessarily a bit more complex than for a solar system alone. So, expect your overall project to take a few weeks longer and installation to involve a few more people than it would for a solar system only.

SunVault Energy Storage Installation

After install – we got an app that allows us to monitor our electricity usage and solar power generated, which is really cool to see.


SunVault Battery Storage App

Seamless Monitoring

With the MySunPower app, you can monitor and control both your solar and storage systems with ease.  For example, you can:

  1. See how much energy you are consuming at your home, both in the moment and over time
  2. See how much energy your solar panels are producing (and have produced over time)
  3. See how much energy your batteries are storing
  4. Look up how SunVault responded to previous outages

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