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Solar Savings

Going solar can mean seeing immediate savings every month and tens of thousands of dollars over the life of your system.

Whether you purchase, finance, or lease your solar system, and whether your system offsets all or just some of your electric usage, you’ll take control of your energy costs and immediately enjoy a lower monthly electric bill.

Solar = A Smart Financial Choice

Solar savings go beyond reducing your monthly bills; they represent a smart financial decision with both short and long-term benefits. Take control of your energy costs, enjoy immediate savings, and contribute to a sustainable future. Ready to embark on your solar savings journey? Contact us to explore how solar power can transform your financial landscape. 

Certasun solar installation in progress

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How Much Will I Save With Solar?

As the cost of purchasing electricity increases every year, so do the economic benefits of going solar. Every kWh energy that you can produce with solar is one that you can avoid purchasing from your utility.

Reducing your dependence on the grid not only slashes your monthly electricity bills but also insulates you from the impact of rising energy prices. The moment you switch to solar, you unlock immediate savings on your monthly electricity bills.

The average customer can save $30,000 or more over the 25+ year lifespan of the solar system. Depending on how you decide to go solar, you can either see immediate savings with a solar lease or loan in the form of a lower monthly payment, or you can invest in solar for larger long-term savings.

Buying Your System Outright

When you purchase a solar system outright, you’re making a longer-term investment in your financial wellbeing.  While there’s an initial cost to installing solar panels, the return on investment is substantial. Your solar production will immediately reduce your monthly electricity payments. With a lifespan exceeding 25 years, solar panels continue to produce electricity long after they’ve paid for themselves, leading to significant long-term savings. Plus, federal and state incentives can help offset that upfront cost.

Customers who purchase their system outright stand to achieve more significant long-term savings by avoiding loan fees and interest.

Saving Monthly with a Solar Lease or Loan

When customers go solar with a loan or lease, they benefit from stabilizing their monthly electricity bill. Long-term solar financing and leasing both offer the benefit of zero up front cost and stable monthly payments. Going solar with a loan or a lease will provide utility bill savings from the day the system is energized. 

Solar Savings with a Lower Offset

It’s a misconception that your solar system needs to offset all of your electricity usage to save money. Some customers use more energy in their homes than can physically be produced with a solar system on their roof. Even if your system only produces half of what your home uses, you’ll save. Every kWh that your system produces is a kWh that you don’t need to buy from your utility. So, while you’ll still pay your utility for some of the electricity that you’ll use in your home, you’ll still produce less expensive energy on your roof for the remainder.


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