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Woodstock Solar Panels Turn Sunlight into Savings

by: Jesse Feinberg
Posted on: November 27, 2018
Tired of paying exorbitant ComEd bills?  Excited about new Illinois incentives for solar panels?

Mark and Leslie-Anne Indyke, longtime Woodstock residents, contracted with Certasun to build a 20-panel solar array for their home on Clay Street.

And Woodstock, it turns out, is an excellent location for solar panels.  Woodstock gets more sunlight than most of the Chicago area and thus Woodstock solar panels are perfect for turning sunlight into savings.

“Residential Solar Panels Looking Up”

The Indykes recently had their story profiled in The Woodstock Independent: Residential Solar Panels Looking Up.  But, the Indykes aren’t alone and Certasun has installed more Woodstock solar panels since then.

See photo and coverage from the story about the Indykes below:

Among recent adopters of residential solar systems are Mark and Leslie-Anne Indyke, who had 20 solar panels installed last month on the roofs of their garage and three-story house on Clay Street in Woodstock.


The tree-lined street makes it difficult to see the panels if you’re not looking for them. The Indykes have 12 panels facing south on the garage and eight on the house – five facing west, three facing east. All are mounted flat to the roof.



Recent incentives prompted him to install solar. “It’s only become economically feasible in the last year or so,” he explained.


A rebate from ComEd and income tax credits from the state covered about two-thirds of the $25,000 cost for his solar system, which he monitors from an app on his cell phone.


When Indyke was interviewed at his home Sept. 11, the app showed he had saved $68 in energy costs since the early-August install.


Brief internet research led Indyke to contract Certasun of [Buffalo Grove, Illinois]. The company handled all the engineering and installation, which took two days to complete, he said.


The panels have a [25-year] guarantee that includes repairs.


You too can go solar

If you live in Woodstock, there’s a high likelihood that you could save a lot of money by going solar.  Here’s how to know:

1. Own your home?

Woodstock homeowners can benefit from owning or leasing a solar system.

2. Sunny roof?

Solar panels on sunny roofs are more efficient at producing electricity.

3. Like saving money?

Solar panels work best if your average ComEd bill is at least $75 per month.

Answer “yes” to all three questions?

Let’s talk!  Bill Wayne, a long-time resident of Lakewood, is a solar consultant at Certasun and serves homeowners in Woodstock as well as the surrounding communities.  Bill’s an expert resource whether you’re just starting to explore your options or you know the difference between a microinverter and a string inverter.

Live in Woodstock?  Fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to set up your free consultation with Bill.

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by: Jesse Feinberg
Jesse is one of Certasun's founders.



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