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Thank You!

by | January 24, 2023

As we kick-off Certasun’s fifth year serving our neighbors in Illinois and Wisconsin, I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation to all our customers.  The last few years have been a challenging time.  We have all been through a lot.  In the midst of everything, thank you for putting your trust in Certasun.

Whether you were one of the first to participate in the Illinois Shines program several years ago, had your system installed by a masked Certasun team during the heart of the COVID pandemic, or are waiting for your system to be installed now, we deeply value your business.

Across the solar industry, solar panel supply has been the most recent challenge.  Last year, solar faced the same global supply challenges affecting the computer, automobile, and other industries.  At the same time, US tariffs on Chinese solar equipment increased demand for the non-Chinese equipment we use.  Finally, the Inflation Reduction Act increased the federal incentives for solar, causing a surge in residential, commercial, and utility demand for panels.

Our exclusive supplier, SunPower, has managed these challenges better than other companies, but not perfectly.  While Certasun is SunPower’s largest dealer in the Midwest and we receive significant panel deliveries from them every week, they have not been able to send as many as we would like.  For those of you still waiting for your installation, thank you for your patience.

We are now seeing increased panel supply from SunPower and are working as hard as possible to drive our time-to-installation back to our historical average of 90 days, although it will take a few months to reach our goal.

We believe Certasun is the Midwest’s premier home solar company, and that means providing the best equipment, providing the best experience, doing the best installations, and being the most honest and transparent organization we can be.  We are deeply grateful for your trust in us.



This post was written by Josh Lutton.
Josh is the President of Certasun.

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