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Imagine This Is Your ComEd Bill Today

Many Illinois homeowners are frustrated with their high energy bills and are tired of paying for nuclear and coal.

With Solar You Could Be Paying Much Less

Qualifying homeowners can go solar with zero up-front cost and pay less every month than they would otherwise pay their utility.

*If you buy your system outright, your monthly solar bill would be $0 and your monthly savings would be significantly higher. 

Going Solar is Easy

Based in Buffalo Grove, Certasun helps homeowners go solar and start saving on their electricity bills.  Why pay ComEd extra for coal-produced energy when you can produce your own solar energy for less?


Step 1: Get Free Quote

One of our expert solar consultants will meet you at your home and walk you through a custom solar system design.  We’ll show you detailed year-by-year savings estimates specific to your design.  Sign up below!

Step 2: We Install Your System

Our team will take care of everything, including permits.  Also, we won’t outsource your installation to another company – that’s part of our No Surprises Guarantee.  Actual installation usually takes 1-2 days.

Step 3: Start Saving!

The electricity produced by your system is electricity you don’t need to buy from ComEd!  Additionally, when your system produces more than you need, ComEd will credit you for that amount.

Get Answers (And A Free Online Solar Quote)

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* Estimates based on a typical system and homeowner.  Your actual results will depend on the size of your system, its orientation to the sun, shading, your utility, your income tax rate, and other factors.  Certasun is not acting in a fiduciary capacity.  You should consult your own financial, tax, accounting, and other advisors.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.