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Buffalo Grove solar panel installation

Our roots are in Buffalo Grove since 2018

Certasun is headquartered in Buffalo Grove and has been installing solar in Buffalo Grove since its founding in 2018. We strive to provide the absolute best experience going solar.

Certasun team at Buffalo Grove headquarters

Solar for Buffalo Grove, by Buffalo Grove

Certasun has been headquareterd in Buffalo grove since we were founded in 2018. We are proud to have installed over 2,000 solar systems since our founding, dozens of which are in Buffalo Grove.

We are a local company at our core and are proud to have such a strong presence in Buffalo Grove. Certasun is the largest Illinois-based solar installer in the state. Our track record as an established Buffalo Grove solar installer means that we will complete your project quickly and ensure that it passes city inspection.

We handle every detail of your project in-house, with our own employees. When you go solar with Certasun in Buffalo Grove, the entire organization is accessible to you and focused on delivering the best experience and outcome.

“Everyone involved from the first person we spoke to, the project manager and the installers were friendly, knowledgeable, explained the process each step of the way… I would recommend Certusun to any friends and family.”


Why Go Solar In Buffalo Grove?

Installing solar panels on your home allows you to take control of your energy costs with renewable energy. There are lots of a great benefits to going solar in Buffalo Grove:

Reduce your ComEd bill

Did you know that with solar panels you can reduce your ComEd bill to just $14 a month? ComEd prices have risen sharply over the past several years. Solar will protect you against future increases.

Take advantage of Illinois Solar Incentives

Buffalo Grove residents going solar can take advantage of Illinois Shines, our state’s generous solar incentive program, as well as other Illinois solar incentives, to reduce the cost of your system by 60% or more!

Reduce your environmental impact

95% of ComEd’s electricity still comes from non-renewable sources. Going solar means benefitting from the sun’s energy without contributing to additional generation of coal-fired power.

Certasun solar panel installation in Buffalo Grove

Buffalo Grove Solar Incentives, Tax Credits, and Rebates

Illinois solar incentives and federal tax credits can cover 60% or more of the purchase price of solar for homeowners in Buffalo Grove:

Illinois Shines Solar Incentive

Illinois Shines provides Buffalo Grove homeowners with up-front payments for the renewable energy that your system is expected to produce in the form of SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Credits). The value of these credits changes over time, but can be worth over 30% of the cost of your system!

Federal Solar Tax Credit

Buffalo Grove homeowners can take advantage of the 30% federal solar tax credit. This credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction in the amount of federal income tax you would typically owe.



ComEd Net Metering

With net metering, your utility gives you a credit for any excess energy that your system produces. ComEd, which covers all of Buffalo Grove, provides one-to-one net metering; this means that customers will be compensated for the full value of their excess production.

ComEd Solar Rebate

ComEd began offering a rebate to residential solar customers in 2023 called the Renewable Energy Distributed Generation Rebate, worth $300 per kW DC of their solar capacity. This rebate comes with some tradeoffs, and our detailed analysis suggests that the ComEd solar rebate is not a good deal for the typical customer.

ComEd EV Charger Rebate

ComEd began offering an EV charger rebate that can cover up to $3,750! Buffalo Grove residents looking to install an EV charger can benefit from this rebate and potentially cover the entire cost of their EV charger installation. Learn more about Certasun’s EV charger installations.

Your Trusted Buffalo Grove Solar Installer


Proudly a local company

Founded and headquartered in Buffalo Grove, we’ve installed over 2,000 systems in Illinois, with dozens of those in Buffalo Grove.

Your Buffalo Grove neighbors trust us

4.9 average star rating on Google.

Most powerful equipment

We use only the best equipment in the industry and have the highest standards for installation quality.

Leading 25-year warranty and production guarantee

We offer a best-in-the-industry 25-year warranty. Certasun will also guarantee the production of your system.

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