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The Certasun Referral Program

Do you have friends, family, coworkers, or other acquaintances who could benefit from solar?

Refer a Friend to Certasun and Get $500

If you refer a friend, family member, or acquaintance to Certasun and they install a solar system through us, Certasun will pay you $500.

Who’s a Good Fit for Solar?

  • Single-family homeowner with minimally shaded roof
  • Average monthly electricity bill of at least $60

The Certasun App

We make it easy for you to refer friends and family through the Certasun App!

In the Apple app store or the Google Play store, search for Certasun and once downloaded create an account.

Here are some key features:

1. You can track any referral you give to Certasun.

2. You can choose to link a bank account and track any payments for referrals.

3. You can share links through the app (direct to Facebook, Twitter, through email, WhatApp, or text) and anyone who clicks on that link is tagged as your referral.

4. If you use the app, we pay $25 per referral after we have our consultation with the homeowner. If they move forward with solar, we pay you the remainder of the referral amount.

Not an App Person?

Simply complete the form below and our team will follow up directly with you and the person you refer:

  • Information for Person Making Referral

  • Information for Person Being Referred

Terms and Conditions: The Customer Referral Program is subject to change at any time.  A successful referral describes when a solar system has been installed and the customer has paid in full.  If Certasun has already been in contact with a potential customer, that potential customer cannot be referred to Certasun.  Systems smaller than 5 kW dc are only eligible for half the referral amounts described on this page.