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Illinois Solar Incentives Running Out - Certasun Depletion Forecast

Illinois Solar Incentives Running Out

by: Josh Lutton
Posted on: November 9, 2020

Illinois’s incentives for residential solar are on track to run out this December.

All the funds authorized under the  Illinois Shines incentive program will be depleted in the next few weeks:


Illinois Shines Small Distributed Generation Incentive Depletion Forecast 

Illinois Solar Incentives Running Out

A megawatt (“MW”) is a unit of electrical generating capacity.  When MW Remaining reaches zero, no more incentives will be available.

This will be a tragedy on several levels.  First, Illinois homeowners will lose out on an option to save money on electricity and protect themselves against future cost increases.  Second, Illinois’s progress towards its climate goals will slow dramatically.  The state still only gets 7% of its electricity from renewables.

Three Things You Can Do about Illinois Solar Incentives Running Out

1. Schedule an on-line consultation to learn about your solar options right away

Incentives are often worth more than $10,000.  They may be available for just a few more weeks.  Don’t miss your chance to take advantage of these “early adopter” incentives!

2. Tell your friends about Illinois solar incentives running out

If you think your friends might be interested in solar, tell them now is the time.  With our referral program, you can earn $500 when your friends go solar.  And spread the word on social media!

To make a referral, use the Certasun App (iOS or Android), fill out our referral form, email your solar consultant, or send an email to solar@certasun.com.

3. Contact your elected officials to insist they act with haste to fix the solar funding cliff

Click on the button below and we’ll help you look up your officials and easily send them a note.  You can send our pre-populated note or — even better — customize it to your liking.  


by: Josh Lutton
Josh is the President of Certasun.



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