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How Residential Solar Works

Your Certasun solar energy system converts sunlight into electrical energy you can use in your home.  There are four main elements of each home solar system, two of which are already in your house:

1 Solar panels, which convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity (similar to what comes out of batteries).

2 Inverters or microinverters, which convert the DC electricity into the alternating current (AC) electricity used by the grid and distributed in your home.

3A main breaker panel, which is where your solar system connects to your home’s electricity system.

4The utility meter, which measures the net amount of energy consumption from the grid.

Net Metering for Home Solar


Even with a home solar system, you will still want to be connected to the grid so that you can draw power at night when the panels don’t produce energy.  Conversely, there will be times when your panels produce more energy than you are consuming.  The excess will flow into the grid and be used by other customers.

All utilities in our service territory offer something called net metering“, which simply means they will credit you for any energy you send back to them.



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