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First Ever Rooftop Solar Installation in Kildeer, IL

by | February 7, 2024

In December 2023, after a long-standing prohibition on rooftop solar, the Village of Kildeer in Illinois passed an ordinance allowing solar on residential roofs. This means homeowners in Kildeer can now go solar, get the big Illinois and federal solar incentives, and start saving on their electricity costs.

Shortly after the ordinance passed, Certasun submitted the first ever permit application for rooftop solar under the new ordinance and quickly received approval. Today, we’re proud to say Certasun installed the first ever residential rooftop solar system in Kildeer!

What’s are Kildeer’s key rooftop solar requirements?

You can read the full ordinace here, but we’ve broken down the key rules solar systems must adhere to in Kildeer.

  1. Solar systems are allowed on the roof of the principal structure of a property only (i.e. the main house only, and not a detached garage) and must be mounted flush with the slope of the roof.
  2. Trim caps, sometimes referred to as skirting, must be installed on every edge of the system.
  3. The solar system cannot extend more than six inches above the roof surface. (The low profile Invisimount racking we use in each of solar installations easily meets this requirement. Learn more about our solar equipment.)
  4. The solar system cannot be installed on the portion of a roof that faces a street.
  5. All conduit must be installed close to gutter lines and painted to match the surface where it is installed. (Our installation team always make every effort to put wiring conduit in your attic, not across the surface of your roof. We also put all attachments and other hardware under your panels for a sleek look that’ll last decades. Read more about the care we take in our residential solar installations.)

Ready to go solar in kildeer?

Certasun is looking forward to helping many more Kildeer homeowners save with solar. To get started with a customer solar quote for your own home, complete the form below.


This post was written by Jenny Goldsmith.
Jenny is Certasun's Marketing Manager.

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