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COVID-19 Precautions
We’ve put in place new procedures so you can feel confident in your decision to go solar.

Your family’s and our employees’ health and safety are our #1 priority.  From the initial consultation to the installation and inspection of your solar system, Certasun has implemented additional policies and procedures to ensure health and safety and to comply with guidance from the CDC and state-level authorities.  Here’s what we’re doing:

Online Consultations

Certasun employees are following guidance from the CDC and state-level authorities as it pertains to social distancing.  We agree that steps like these are critically important to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Through an online consultation (no app download required), a Certasun solar consultant will walk you through a custom design and proposal for your home’s solar needs.  Prior to the online consultation, we’ll:

  • Use advanced satellite imagery to determine the pitch and azimuth (orientation) of your various roof surfaces
  • Use LIDAR data (where available, which is most of northern Illinois) to analyze shading from trees, chimneys, and other structures
  • Simulate the weather at your specific geographic location
  • Determine how many and where panels fit on your roof

Then, using screen share, you and your consultant will design your system together.  The online consultation will include: 

  • Learning more about your goals in going solar
  • Designing a solar system in real time
  • Reviewing your custom proposal and answering questions in real time

Not dressing to impress these days?  No worries!  There is no expectation that you will turn on your video during an online consultation.

If an online consultation is not an option for you, our consultants will be happy to do a phone consultation instead (although we think an online screen share is much more helpful).  Sign up for this the same way as an online consultation and indicate in the comments that you can’t do it online.

Jumpstarting Projects

Many of the initial steps for your solar project can be completed remotely.  They include:

  • Filing for interconnection with your electric utility
  • Filing for net metering with your electricity supplier (usually, your electric utility)
  • Reserving your Illinois Shines or Massachusetts SMART or Wisconsin Focus on Energy incentive.
  • Securing your homeowners association approval (if you have one)

Minimizing Visits to Your Home

We’ll need to send our technicians to your house to install your solar panels.  But, it probably adds up to less time than you’d think.  It includes:

  • The site assessment, which can be arranged whenever you are comfortable having a member of our team in your home for 1 hour. During that visit, we will review your electrical system, your roof layout, your roof’s structure (in the attic), and other elements of your home important to the installation of your solar system.
  • The installation itself, which often takes just 1 day with limited interior work. During the installation, most of our small team will be outside your home (on the ground or on your roof).  An electrician may need to come inside your home depending on how the electrical work is being performed.
  • The inspection, which is usually within 2-14 days of installation (depending on your municipality).  During the inspection, your municipality’s inspector and a member of our team might need to enter your home to inspect any interior electrical work. However, some municipalities are now accepting photo documentation of the installation in lieu of an in-person inspection.
We will honor requests to defer the portions of the process that involve entering the inside of your home until you feel comfortable.

Taking Extra Precautions

Certasun is taking recommended precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including:

  • All employees are practicing social distancing and avoiding handshakes
  • Requiring any sick or potentially sick employees to self-quarantine for two weeks before returning to work
  • Mandatory temperature checks every day on-site before work commences
  • Hand sanitizer available for field teams in all Certasun trucks
  • Office staff all working from home to reduce in-person contact within our company

Accepting Feedback

No one has all the answers right now.  We’re being as thoughtful as we can, but we’d welcome your ideas, suggestions, comments, and constructive criticisms.  Please contact us anytime at [email protected] or 312-638-0800.



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