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Meet Bill, Bringing Solar to McHenry County

by: Jesse Feinberg
Posted on: November 7, 2018
Bill Wayne, Certasun’s newest solar consultant, helps homeowners in McHenry County and northern Kane County figure out how much they can save by going solar.  He can be reached at bill@certasun.com or (815) 893-9691.

Bill, what’s your role at Certasun?

I’m a solar consultant at Certasun.  That means I meet with homeowners to help them understand how much money they could save by going solar, as well as the obvious environmental benefits.

I’m focused on McHenry County and northern Kane County—so places like Crystal Lake, Huntley, Algonquin, Lakewood, Woodstock, Lake in the Hills, Carpentersville, Pingree Grove, etc.  These are perfect communities for solar given the amount of sunlight and the relative lack of shading.

How did you get interested in solar?

I’ve always been interested in being a good environmental citizen—a steward of our environment.  I’m concerned about the consequences of generating power from fossil fuels and other unsustainable sources.

Why did you choose to work with Certasun?

I chose to work at Certasun because they have a quality team and a quality product, from SunPower, that the company stands behind with a 25-year warranty.  Also their brand values: Trustworthy, Knowledgeable, Fair, Accessible, Safe, and Competent.  Plus Certasun has a No Surprises Guarantee that is unique in the industry.

What do you think is the best reason for Illinois homeowners to go solar?

There are huge new incentives now available to Illinois homeowners.  So I think the best reason to go solar is to save on electricity bills and get energy independence from ComEd.  And, of course, to provide a sustainable, renewable source of electricity.

How long have you lived in Lakewood?

I’ve been here 16 years.  I grew up in the Quad Cities, but moved to the area for professional reasons.  What brought me to Lakewood specifically are good schools and a good family community.

What did you do before working in solar?

I sold personal listening product through major retailers throughout the world.  There aren’t a whole lot of similarities between that and selling solar—except for the fact that I’m selling a super high quality product.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I used to fly airplanes!  Before our daughter was born, I was getting a private license.  But once I started a family, it was hard to find the time to fly anywhere myself.  Plus it’s a very expensive hobby, so now I play more golf.

by: Jesse Feinberg
Jesse is Certasun's Vice President of Sales & Marketing.



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